I’m passionate about light:
 The light of this world [Jesus] is my hero. From sunrise to sunset, I believe that God has gifted us with each new day for a very specific purpose. God is the artist of my life. With each stroke, the picture becomes clearer. Sometimes the color of my life changes. There are times when the canvas of life gets smudged over with a misunderstanding of what the artist is up to. But I find solace in the knowledge that God moves mysteriously beyond my understanding.

Light fascinates me. Dew sparkling on a rusty barbed wire fence. Stars glimmering on a frosty winter night (I’ll admit, I prefer summer nights though). A candle flickering at a hushed formal dinner. Smiles dancing in the reflections in a child’s eyes.

The girl behind the camera: I’m Gretta Coates, a photographer who’s aspiring towards photojournalism. I first discovered my love for photography five years ago when I picked up my brother’s Rebel xti and began shooting. But more seriously, I’ve been shooting for two years.

The camera: I’m a huge Canon fan. I shoot with a Mark 3 1D. My all time favorite lens is the 50mm 1.4, although I like my 16-35mm, wide angle lens as well.

{Many thanks} to my dear friend, Goy, for designing my blog header.


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