Matt & Elaina {wedding}

Meet Matt & Elaina, a lovely couple whom I had the honor to work with…
1J4P0151I got up early and drove winding roads to my first photo location; a resort on the edge of rippling mountains, where the bride and all her attendants were to get ready.
slide.0051J4P8257slide.0011J4P8101 1J4P80311J4P8334 1J4P8058 1J4P79471J4P8570The first look. Mr. Groom had a hard time not looking at his bride as she approached…
1J4P8614 1J4P8622 1J4P8706 slide.002slide.0031J4P91251J4P8852 1J4P9096

1J4P94291J4P9865It was a gorgeous Autumn day. Blue, blue skies stretched far above the chapel that day. The very day they’d chosen to commit their lives to each other. slide.0041J4P98221J4P93491J4P99941J4P97391J4P97851J4P9771slide.0011J4P99121J4P0009And they were married. For now and forever.
1J4P9248We hurried away; away to a field at that magical hour of sunset. It was perfect.
1J4P0407 1J4P0393 1J4P03061J4P0352 1J4P02331J4P0813

What a beautiful reception ensued. Lights strung high above, lighting the way for everyone as they entered. slide.006 1J4P9568slide.0071J4P11771J4P1333 1J4P13651J4P13161J4P12761J4P10741J4P1696Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Nisly!


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