A fresh start

It’s been quiet on here lately but not without reason. Over the last year, I’ve been working on moving this space over to my very own domain name. WordPress.com has been good to me for the last four years but I needed to clear away all the clutter that’s accumulated on here and instead of spending tedious hours renovating this blog, I decided to go a different route.

It’s time to move on, to have a fresh start. To begin again.

Head over the grettagraphy.com where you will find a brand new space for my blog. It’s kind of like moving, but in the cyber sense of the word.

This blog will be here till the end of the month and then I’ll be erasing it. If all else fails, google “grettagraphy” and you will find me. In my new space.

Cheers to new beginnings!


Mike & Nancy Wipf

I’m playing catch-up on the blog… There are changes coming to the blog soon (good changes) and so I’ve been focusing my attention on that in my spare time rather than actually taking the time to keep posting the photo sessions that I’ve been working on lately.

1J4P6161Meet Mike & Nancy and their five sweet children. I met up with them at a beautiful park in Pennsylvania for a late afternoon session in October. Enjoy the pictures!

1J4P6192 1J4P6265 1J4P6371 1J4P6411 1J4P64471J4P64371J4P6548 1J4P69561J4P70491J4P7014

1J4P6606These boys kept the session lively and fun with all of their laughter and antics.

1J4P6620 1J4P69821J4P6706 1J4P70931J4P68031J4P6875

Baby Mia

This was one of my favorite newborn sessions to date. Everything from the light, to a warm afternoon in October, to this little doll of a girl with her long lashes and delicate ways; it all worked together to make for a beautiful photoshoot… 1J4P8505

1J4P8656 1J4P84401J4P8459 1J4P85181J4P85201J4P85741J4P85241J4P8585 1J4P85991J4P86741J4P94351J4P9383Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, Deb!


Wedding Day: Johnny & Melissa


Our story might be different then most people are used to. We met through an accidental friend request on Facebook!

On Tuesday morning July 23, 2013, I got this friend request from some guy I had never heard of. I noticed that we had a lot of mutual friends so I decided to message him and ask if I’d met him before. He said, “No, I’m sorry, somehow I mistakenly sent you a request.”


We are both pretty outgoing so it didn’t take long for our facebook conversation to turn to our mutual interests; volleyball, family. Over the course of the next couple days we realized that we definitely want to meet sometime and hang out! We first met in Laurel, Maryland. Johnny was taking a family of Amish to Chincoteague Island and he invited me to come along to the beach. It was a fun day of hanging out and getting to know each other a little better.

There was something so different and special about this guy. He was four years younger and that made me feel a little hesitant. But we after that day, we both decided to pray about pursuing a deeper relationship. I went home and talked to my family about it and he did the same.


Looking back, we can so clearly see God’s hand in how everything happened. Especially in how quickly our relationship progressed.

We started dating August 24, 2013- one short month after we met! Six amazing months later, February 14th, 2014, we were engaged! Then we set the date for the best day of our lives: September 20, 2014! God plans the best love stories if we let Him.

046O46071J4P0447046O51751J4P10081J4P0993046O1799046O1682046O17551J4P1204046O2289046O32251J4P1252 1J4P0735 046O1952046O1959046O22341J4P1351 1J4P1591046O2472046O3369 046O3388 046O3450 046O16391J4P0475046O26291J4P0461046O26881J4P2030046O2939 046O2949 046O2955 046O2957 046O2972 046O2979046O2973 1J4P2052 1J4P2096046O2997046O30391J4P2152 046O3056046O3059046O30761J4P2139 1J4P2199 1J4P2219 1J4P2223 046O31191J4P22261J4P2229046O3121 1J4P2636 1J4P2810 1J4P2904 1J4P2928 046O3594 046O3587 046O3660 046O3564 046O3573 046O3619 046O3688 046O3695 046O3723 046O3753 046O3755 046O3730 046O3807 046O3870 046O3976 046O4171046O4115046O4331 046O4323 046O4195 1J4P3040 1J4P3047 1J4P3134 1J4P31721J4P2608046O5228046O5006046O5380046O5403046O52801J4P3264

Wedding Day: Michael & Celine


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046O7183Their Love Story: We met through a friend at a Korean restaurant called Peppero.  I was living in DC at the time, and my friend and I were on a roadtrip to Charlotte.  I was also checking out the area because I wanted to move down here for grad school.  I already have plans to move down during roadtrip, so I figured I keep in touch with some of the friends in Charlotte so I can get to know more friends once I move down — Mike was one of them.

It wasn’t love at first sight. Celine thought Mike was some immature adventure seeker because he was talking about skydiving all the time. Mike thought Celine just wasn’t his type.

Our attraction developed slowly over time.  Celine was first attracted to Mike because he was a very reliable, helpful friend in general.  She was able to see that he has a very kind, gentle, and a servant’s nature.  These are the traits that drew him to her.  Mike was attracted to Celine through all the conversations they shared, like the silly ones, personal ones, spiritual ones.

We started talking more and more online through chatting and a couple times on the phone.  Mike made the first move by telling Celine through texting that he has a crush on her.

046O6489 046O6523 046O6537 046O6538 046O6565 046O6620 046O6666046O6684 046O6697 046O6779 046O6901046O6865046O6950 046O6995 046O7029 046O7054046O7437046O7479046O74531J4P8926046O7561046O7576046O7668046O76631J4P90971J4P9107046O7672046O7679046O7699046O7724046O7750046O7758046O7780046O77991J4P9144046O7844046O78571J4P91631J4P88521J4P8856046O7325046O7404046O7341046O7384046O7408046O7394046O73951J4P8869046O73091J4P93211J4P9422046O8200046O8216046O82911J4P94431J4P94771J4P94871J4P94881J4P95221J4P95571J4P9551046O7966046O7939046O7994046O8010046O8038046O8043046O8338046O8395046O8398046O8419046O8426046O8429046O8444046O8461046O8464046O8476046O8479046O8484046O8506046O8509046O8517046O8529046O8534046O8558046O8590046O8626046O8639046O8643046O8720046O8723046O8729046O8751046O8785046O8791046O8805046O8814046O8892046O91101J4P9895046O9160046O9166046O9176046O9185046O9197046O9198046O9231046O9233046O9234046O9247

Why wait?

Why do I wait?
Till storms threaten and tempests rage,
till dilemmas pull me in all directions?
Till it feels like everything good is taken from me
and I’m stripped of what I knew and loved?
Why wait till my comforts are gone
and I’ve hit rock bottom,
and I’m broken and barely holding on?


Why do I wait?
Till the end of the day
when tired eyes droop from a long day,
or till everything goes wrong in a day’s time
and then I finally remember to call on God for help?
Why wait till I fully understand Him
till I can grasp with my finite mind,
this infinite God?

Oh my soul, why do I wait?

Why do I wait to rely on Him
to fling myself into His strong arms,
to entrust to Him this life that I can’t handle on my own?
What holds me back from giving in to blind faith
to trust this God that I can’t see,
but Who sees and knows everything about me?
What hinders my ability to hear and to know,
that He is with me?

Oh my soul,
wait on God.


But do not wait to go to God.
Go to Him daily. Hourly. Moment by moment.
Till I am full and overflowing with Him.
Till my life is so wrapped up in Who He is
that onlookers will only see Him when they look at me.
Wait on God, because in this waiting
you will learn His character. He is good.
Creation will blend with the Creator. He will call it “good.”

Here, you will find Him.


This waiting is not restless, useless waiting.
It is useful. It is restful.
Because in choosing to trust, in giving in to faith,
in letting go and surrendering, you will discover His life.
Abundant. Free.
You will find absolute peace in something
so much bigger, so much better,
so much wiser than me.

This waiting does not wait to turn to God.
This waiting runs to God
because this waiting knows that without faith
it is impossible to please Him.
This waiting relishes the moment
and does not fret about the future- shaky though it be.
This waiting does not control- it frees.
This waiting has hope.


“When I wait, You strengthen my heart.” Psalms 27:14


Two weeks ago, I joined a team of thirty people to help with a VBS in Jamaica. The trip was a week long… It wasn’t nearly long enough to take in everything about the culture, the people, the food and the countryside that I would’ve liked to, but it was just enough time for me to get a brief introduction into the Jamaican culture. Just long enough to miss it dreadfully when I landed back on American soil…

I was so excited about going. Initially, I didn’t think I could go because of work and a few other schedule conflicts, but those conflicts vanished one by one and I bought my ticket less than a month before we were scheduled to fly out. I was excited and confident about going up until my bags were packed and I was tossing and turning the night before I left. “I have no idea what I’m getting into, God…” Once again, I felt dread creep over me. This wasn’t the first time I’d signed up to do something so much bigger than what I could do on my own. I breathed a prayer to God about it and He calmed my fears. “Do not be afraid, I will be with you.” And He was. Every moment of the trip. When things were going fine, He was with me. And when things spun out of my control at the end and I ended up losing my passport. Even in the middle of that chaos, He was present with me. 


Join me as I give you a little tour of the island… 




|| Caribbean blue ||

046O0335046O2505 046O2512 046O2490 046O2523046O0417046O0360046O0427046O0442046O0487046O0457046O0543046O0541046O1391046O0575046O0594046O1375046O1408046O2195046O1850046O1821046O1754046O1794046O1276046O1259046O1496046O1482046O1585046O1499046O1460046O1451046O0681046O0637046O0650046O0613046O2356


So long, Jamaica.